Michal Zagorski is Dundee-based moviemaker, with great sensitivity to photography, composition and filmmaking. Making a website for him was a great collaboration since he knows what he wants.


Logo is inspired by a hand holding a lens of a camera, coloured by a red colour, reminiscent to the one of a "REC" sign on camcorders.

Logo – motion graphic

The logo's idea offered itself for a playful animation, which can be used in the beginning of Michal's future movies or on the website itself.

Animation of the website's logo

Website is designed to showcase the content in fair size of exposure. Red recording dots are a theme running through it, showing the active page or accompanying headings. Instagram is quickly available, as moviemakers network through it a lot.


Michal already produced great content on his instagram so I was able to draw from it and use the content in the design itself.

Portfolio page

Website adapts itself to various device sizes and types, by using responsive web design techniques. It serves smaller images to smaller devices too, to increase loading speed and interaction.

Website being displayed on iPhone 6

Thank you for reading!
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