This project was a part of product design module in DJCAD, led by Chris Lim.
Meet Louise – a 2nd year architecture student. Louise provided an insight on how freshers in DJCAD use photography – foundation for this concept.
Louise's half-professional hobby is to observe lot of buildings and structures with a camera in hand, snapping one detail after another - she showed me these and it was a lot of photos. I asked myself - how to merge this? How to make her able to draw over what she took a photo of? And how might that work in practice with this product being in, say an architecture office working team of people?

Nike Hydraulic table

Looking for inspiration, I stumbled upon a soulful drawing table made by Nike of Eskilstuna in 1950s in Sweden. I liked the one solid base leg with hydraulic mechanism, and also the lever which was locking the adjustment "mode" of the table.
Mechanism prototypes with two objectives - the angle of the board should be pretty variable, and it should also be possible to bring the whole board up when it's flat with the wall, so it could be used as screen for presenting. Notice the crazy idea on top right - with the base leg sliding into the floor :)
Final mechanism, which granted a lot of space beneath the board. After making a quick prototype, I built a polished one from laser-cut cardboard.
Final outcome included a  product design specification – full of various considerations about manufacturing, shipping and more.
The product board shows typical interaction story, where architect wants to present something after using the board for drawing.
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