The finished app for STRV is drawing from personal reflection on how we used to grab lunches when on internship at Studio 9. 5 Personas were created, depicting what people care about the most when it comes to having a lunch outside of their offices at Runway. They are accompanied by user stories.

Two stories of personas

Rough design was created and imported into a Prototype On Paper App (now acquired by Marvel), which allowed me to create a very quick working prototype.

Sketches of the screens and basic app flow

I’ve built up the visual identity on the foundation of existing Runway logo. Added was a secondary blue colour, throughout the app.

Main logo, its square variety and the app icon.

There are places around Runway to eat in. But how does one start a "movement" of going into one with few coworkers? What if your friends from the cowork are on a different floor in a different company? STRV had the idea of connecting all these wishes by an APP.

Many restaurants around. Where are my potential or existing friends going though?

Fine-tuned design was created using UI8 kit, assembled in Sketch. It has helped me to overcome the time constraints in comparison to creating my own app visual style.
Here you can see 3 screens, for login, home screen listings & detail of a restaurant which has few of Runway people interested.
Here you can see how it looks when the randomizer helps you find a place to eat. You then decide to invite others and are offered actions that you can do on the spot.
If you feel like joining a group of Runway folk for a nice meal, you can easily find scheduled spots around you. You choose a group of brownbaggers who eat packed lunches in a park, check-in and are offered to save the date too.
Prototyping was done by using Flinto. You can see the video presentation here:
Response from STRV was that I’ve almost made it for a senior position. That was a big surprise to me, since I thought I am applying for a junior designer role :)
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