Dundee For Nepal logo – For a campaign to raise money after the earthquakes in Nepal
Electronic music compilation, mostly consisting of Mr. Scruff's music - which sometimes revolve around fish, hence the name. Stencil for spraypainting was made and few DIY CDs were sprayed as well.
A logo for my friend's simple online invoicing project. Name is based on Czech "Faktura", which means an invoice.
Logo for my dissertation – a project encouraging people to cook
A logo for my friend's small creative collective in Prague.
A logo for my friend's tailor-sewn shirts service called "Good Shirt"
Packaging redesign for a great Czech natural set yoghurt company
A logo for relaxed and pleasant jazz compilation, designed for girls.
Cyclehack Dundee 2016 logo proposal
Logo proposal for coffee roastery. Zrnko = coffee bean, Zrnková = coffee in the form of actual (freshly roasted) beans
Three album cover arts for jazz my jazz compilations
Logo design for a company selling wooden bicycle mudguards.
A fictive brand of a "cloud beer" for my friend's university project
Logo for my friend's project, aimed at solutions for visually impaired people
Cover art for electronic music compilation from Trip Hop Genre - a shop with all the included artists on display
A logo made for a music festival, connected with UNICEF charity.
A brand identity containing a logo, business cards and website for my and my friend's web business, presenting our work under one roof.
Logo for a local Service Jam event organised at our backyard
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