Shona Kane is the owner of Cherry's Deli. She cooks real food, in the line of paleo/primal eating which I dig, and plans to open a bistro in Dundee, reflecting that philosophy. Her food is very natural and nourishing.
Sketches of the logo
Shona quite liked the idea with leaves and ribbon, so we went forward with it. I created a square variety of those in  all colour variants and made sure this logo works in smaller scale too.
Inverted & Black & White variants
Square logo variants for social media use
Postcards for visitors, with an empty writing space – for greetings, or… recipes? :)
Designing the menu was a good typography exercise. Microsoft Word has been tamed to provide a template for Shona, so she can export a printable PDF. It includes all-vector icons and artworks, remaining razor-sharp when printed.

Logo applied to an apron

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