Autoškolník translates into a “driving school keeper” (notice the keeper's keys in logo). It is a driving school management system, created in collaboration with my friend, passionate python programmer.
My part was the design and coding of a legible and clear UI, which involved a lot of adjustments and small steps. I learned a lot of jQuery on the way. My other task was the creation of a visual identity for Autoškolník, where I used the school keeper's keyrig as a main graphic symbol. I also recorded & voice-oveered a video presentation for the project, which can be found on the website.
User management
Library of materials for students
The project website was made to boldly deliver the key information about the project, fresh video-first, of course :) It is fully responsive to 320px, has vector icons (sharp + scalable infinitely) and is benefiting from CSS3 a lot.
Website showcasing the project. It adapts to devices down to portait size of smartphone and uses vector icons, which always stay sharp, no matter what size.
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